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Happy Hands Vision Statement

Happy Hands Foundation is focussed on enabling children/young people to continue at school. The opportunity for education will benefit them and their whole community. We know that keeping at-risk hill tribe children at school, helps eliminate child labour and the sale of children into drug running and child sex slavery.

Together with our friends at Borderless Friendship Foundation, we found sponsors for 168 hill tribe orphans and at risk children in northern Thailand in the past 18 months.

On our recent visit to Thailand, Eileen and I had the pleasure of visiting the newly donated land at Chiang Dao which is Thailand’s third largest city after Bangkok and Chiang Mai. This land will eventually be home for 40-50 hill tribe teenagers who will have the opportunity of attending better high school and also university.

Construction has started on stage one which will house around 10 boys and 10 girls. The first 8 will arrive in time for the start of the school year in May 2016.

Please join with friends or family and consider sponsoring a few children – $30 a month per child. Interested please CLICK HERE

Happy Hands Foundation work closely with the wonderful team from Borderless Friendship WA Inc (BFWA)… in turn collaborating with Borderless Friendship Foundation (BFF) in Thailand, to enhance the lives of hill tribe children. They support more than 450 ‘at risk’ children (1/3 of these children are orphans).

The hill tribe people live in remote areas of Northern Thailand with little or no access to education. This lack of education makes these children vulnerable to poverty and exploitation within Thailand’s ubiquitous sex and drug trades. Girls are particularly vulnerable. Those who get an education, grow up able to take much better care of themselves and their families.

Happy Hands Foundation and BFWA do not charge any management or administration fees.