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About Us

The Happy Hands Foundation is a non-government, not for profit foundation which was formed to help the hill tribe and poor children of Thailand. We don’t seek to impose a religion or belief system upon the children we support.

Australian’s Jovo Cirkovic and Eileen Murphy founded Happy Hands after spending time volunteering in Thailand, teaching English at an orphanage, a poor primary school, and even at a monk school.

Eileen and Jovo are fortunate to have raised 4 sons in Australia, where every opportunity is available to growing children. Australia has not had orphanages, for many years.

Our vision is to help hill tribe and poor children in Thailand become more self-reliant, by providing them access to training and volunteers, giving them the necessary tools to help them assimilate into the workforce as adults. Focused on training the trainer from within ensures a self-sustaining strategy, which over time will become less reliant on handouts.

How do we plan to do it

We work with groups of dedicated people, who are passionate about helping these children lead better lives. Some of these groups run foster programs taking orphans from large government institutions and placing them into small foster family environments and/or assimilating the children for adoption.

Other groups focus on Hill Tribe children, living in poor areas close to the border of Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand, offering them access to food, clean water, medicine, shelter and education.

What we do

We conduct fundraising and awareness programs, encouraging people from all around the world to donate to specific causes and projects. We also assist people wanting to volunteer by putting them in touch with Thai coordinators.