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Poem from an Orphan

November 18, 2013

When I wake up in the morning
I look around and something’s just not there
No mommy … No daddy to wake me up
It really isn’t fair

poemI have 60 friends to share my time
And there are my carers too
Sometimes we get volunteers
For excursions at the zoo

My clothes are all packed away
Inside my slide-out draw
My shoes are stacked up in a row
With 59 others … at the door

I have food in my belly
Bath twice a day … it’s really not so bad
But what I’d give for a bedside story
Read to me by Mum or dad

At least I am healthy
Unlike some children … Who have HIV
Sometimes they cry out late at night
I’m glad it’s them not me

What did I do that is so wrong?
What have I done so bad?
That I should have to live my life
Without both mum and dad

I have lived here since I was one
That was five years ago
Sometimes life just flashes by
But some days it goes real slow

I wake up often in my sleep
I’m afraid to lose my toys
When I turn seven … Is time to move
To live with 175 older boys

No more girls to play with
I won’t be the big boy any more
I’ve heard from other boys who’ve moved
I’m afraid of what’s in store

For 10 more years I need to wait
Until the day that I’m set free
When I can finally leave this orphanage
And rely just on me

I promise that when I have children
I will be there … To take care
To tuck them in to bed at night
And let them know I’m there

If you can share some of your wealth
For a better future is my goal
Knowing your money is helping orphans
Will be like feeding your own soul.

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